Page Breadcrumbs

Discover how Page Breadcrumbs can transform your intranet
Page Breadcrumbs

Create a navigation aid on your SharePoint page with Page Breadcrumbs.

The Page Breadcrumbs component allows your page visitors to easily understand the relationship between the page they are on and higher-level pages that may be connected. A breadcrumb trail provides clear visual cues on the page to allow users to trace their way back in the navigation, and encourage browsing on your SharePoint site.

Forming a navigation hierarchy is simple for page editors. Page Breadcrumbs leverages out-of-the-box SharePoint Online metadata giving you easy control to build a trail to display in the component.

Discover how Page Breadcrumbs can transform your intranet


Breadcrumb trails show the full navigation path and gives users context.


Encourage users to browse and discover connected content.


Effortlessly build and extend your Page Breadcrumbs navigation with managed properties.


Fully responsive for mobile devices and works great in Microsoft Viva Connections