Why you don't need to worry about the retirement of SharePoint Add-Ins

Why you don't need to worry about the retirement of SharePoint Add-Ins

If you've been clicking around in the SharePoint Admin Centre, you may have spotted a scary looking notification from Microsoft about the retirement of SharePoint Add-Ins.

Don't worry! Accelerator 365 is not affected by this retirement and all apps and solutions will continue to work and be fully supported via the SharePoint Store.

Let me explain what's going on... 

What are SharePoint Add-Ins and why are they being retired?

SharePoint Add-Ins are an older technology for adding custom functionality to SharePoint sites, offering features such as custom web parts, workflows, and lists, to fit your organization's requirements.

The retirement of SharePoint Add-Ins aligns with Microsoft's evolving technology strategy for promoting modern development approaches within Microsoft 365.

Newer technologies like the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) registered apps, offer enhanced capabilities, improved performance, and greater security than SharePoint Add-Ins, hence the consolidation from Microsoft. 

What do I need to do?

Simply put, nothing!

Here at Accelerator 365, we're already a few steps ahead. We've embraced the 'new technology' – the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) – long before the retirement news hit. All of our apps in the SharePoint Store are are unaffected by this retirement.

Panic over!

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