Is 2024 the year SharePoint became beautiful?

Is 2024 the year SharePoint became beautiful?

In the world of workplace collaboration and document management, few platforms hold as much sway as SharePoint. Long revered for its functionality and utility, SharePoint has often been criticized for its lackluster user interface and complex user experience. However, we feel that 2024 marks a turning point. SharePoint will now start adding to the existing powerful features with the ability to create beautiful, user-friendly content.

What’s changing?

One of the most exciting additions to SharePoint in 2024 is the Brand Center. This new feature provides organizations with a centralized hub for managing their brand assets, ensuring consistency and cohesion across all communication channels. Finally, custom fonts for SharePoint have arrived!

Adding to this even further is the newly extended capability to style section backgrounds on a SharePoint page with images and overlay colors, and (we hope) revolutionary flexible layout sections.

Accelerator 365's commitment

Accelerator 365 are committed to enabling our clients to get the most from their Microsoft 365 investment. It’s part of our philosophy that we advocate strongly for the out of the box functionality – as opposed to competing with it like some “intranets-in-a-box” solutions. As such we are incredibly excited for the new opportunities these changes will bring, and are already working to make sure the Accelerator 365 apps can hit the ground running when they’re made generally available.

We have already begun implementing custom font support and will be looking forward to having this in place by the time Microsoft roll this out fully later this year. By incorporating this support into our apps, we aim for the Accelerator 365 to be your trusted companion on the journey to creating beautiful SharePoint content.

Looking ahead

As we look to the future, it's clear that SharePoint is in the process of a remarkable transformation in 2024. What was once seen as a functional but uninspiring platform, will become a beautiful and user-friendly tool, empowering organizations to collaborate, communicate, and innovate like never before. With its modern design, simplified user experience, seamless integration, SharePoint is poised to remain a cornerstone of workplace collaboration for years to come. 

At Accelerator 365 we’re excited to go on this journey with you!

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