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Whilst SharePoint Online offers a robust platform for enterprise-grade multilingual intranets, a key feature limitation is the automatic translation of content. Intranet editors are often challenged with the task of manually translating content in SharePoint Online to serve a multilingual audience, which requires significant time and effort to reach a published state.   

The Translator for SharePoint solution relieves content editors of this manual task and allows you to automate the translation of your SharePoint site content in an instant. Helping you to deliver the translated information your users need at speed and at scale. 

Easy to use

Click to create the content in an alternate language and let the workflow do the rest.

Intelligent translation

Support for multiple languages is available backed by Microsoft Azure and the Translator service.


Seamlessly integrates with the native publishing process in SharePoint.


Content can be automatically translated in a matter of seconds.

Discover how Translator for Sharepoint can transform your intranet