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Tired of switching tabs? View all requests easily within one location with the Approvals Hub – a centralised approval area to instantly approve or decline requests from within Teams.

Your users can often feel overwhelmed by the number of emails flying into their inbox that approvals are frequently missed. Signing into various platforms for actioning approvals can also be challenging and time-consuming. With Approvals Hub, we have a vast and growing array of connectors to integrate into your cloud systems and aggregate all approvals that matter to you in a single application.

Building and enhancing upon the Microsoft Teams Approvals app, our tool extends the approvals experience with features including:

Approval dashboard

A central view to action pending approvals from your connected platforms.

Regularly updated

2-way sync with your connected platform means you can action an approval directly in Approvals Hub.


Be notified directly in Teams when your approval status updates.

Growing connector marketplace

To integrate and support the platforms your organisation is using.