Discover how User Profile can transform your intranet

Connecting people is important. How does your organisation do that if you don’t know who is who? That’s why up-to-date employee profiles are crucial for the digital workplace.

The User Profile web part allows you to identify the key profile properties required within your organisation and actively promote their completion through automation.

With a few easy configurations, you can identify the key attributes within your organisation and promote their completion directly from your intranet, no matter where your profile self-service entry-point is.

Save your HR teams and intranet administrators time whilst strengthening your hybrid workplace culture by providing complete employee profile information with just a click.

Discover how User Profile can transform your intranet


Highlight mandatory fields and encourage users to complete suggested profile items


Schedule reminders with direct links to the profile tool of your choice


Prompt users to update profiles regularly


Fully responsive for mobile devices and works great in Microsoft Viva Connections