About Accelerator

What is it?

The Accelerator by WM Reply is a suite of standalone web parts that can be added to your SharePoint environment, working alongside native functionality, to provide the tools you need to deliver a world class intranet.

Why did we create it?

We created the Accelerator because we’re huge fans of SharePoint Online. An intelligent Microsoft intranet is yours right out of the box and the Accelerator components simply empower you to take that final step towards enterprise readiness.

How will it help you?

With a wide range of components available for every business need, the Accelerator places the control in the hands of Communicators and Content Owners. Expanding the reach of your digital workplace and enabling rich and dynamic content.


WM Reply is a digital workplace expert specialising in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. WM Reply builds SharePoint sites, intranets and websites, social networks, and document management areas to create digital workspaces that are easy to navigate and engaging. It utilises the magnitude of tools in Office 365 to enable clients and their employees to work better, together, faster.
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